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As you can see, new banner. I totally<33Kyle XY right now,and Andy&Josh are too cute. They better get together, or im gonna get piss off.

Well im very excited tomorrow, since my parents are taking me+my bff to disney. I'm pretty much got all I need to survive the car ride. You know, magazines, snacks, perminated markers,+iPod. We're staying in the Wilderness Lodge, and its gonna be the first time I ever went to a deluxe hotel.

So I wont be back till sunday, which kinda sucks, because ill probably miss all these amazing icon postings. Or something

Oh yeah, btw i found a PS7 trial. So far, I made...4 icons. Haha havent really been in the mood. But my aunt might be able to get me a free PS, which would totally rock my world

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30 June 2007 @ 11:15 pm

The big question
Does anyone know where I can get Photoshop(one with selective color) for free?
I really really want one, but my parents would never let me buy one.
If anyone know where I can get one
ill pretty much worship them

yeah, im actually updating
i dont really like updating, as you can tell
but dont hate :D
well, I have some icons
50 in all
+ guess wut?
i actually like like 1/3 of these
I used alot of inspiration,+ used some tutorials to help get the coloring
I credited anyone at the endd
ok, so lets get to the good part!
(yeah I dont really like Miley Cyrus, but shes really easy to make icons from)

  Hannah Montana,Miley Cyrus.Mitchel Musso, Emily Osment, Emma Roberts, Devon Werkheiser, +Josh Hunteherson

oh my plankton!
i forgot to credit!
okay, here it goess
Inspiration-popxiicon, thetiptonhotel+famous_iicons
Tutorial- xg3n@famous_iicons+lykeomgitschris@popxiicon
Brushes+Textures- hiccups@letsfrenchh, always_muneca@famous_iicons+ohhsnaap(aka xshoot2thrill)
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29 May 2007 @ 05:28 pm

Wee-hoo some sucky icons
Like the biggest batch I ever made
Which isnt actually that big
Credit.Comment w/ the one ur taking.All textures are in my memories.=D