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15 November 2007 @ 12:50 pm

& i dont think im coming back :]
i've never really like...connected with livejournal
and im usually like, on other sites and crap
and never really want to come on here anymore

theres a chance im coming back
but thats pretty slim

if you still wanna like talk to me, thats cool =]
AIM- AquaBinkers or PonchiaB
MYSPACE- myspace.com/ponchia
[just tell me who you are before u im me or add me lol]

&hope to talk to you soon
but probably not on here

15 October 2007 @ 05:11 pm
So, there was a bar mitzvah over the weekend
i wasnt invited, of course, since im not consider one of the "cool" people
But this one girl, she was wasted even before she got to the party
and she brought weed
i heard everyone got liek wasted and/or high

its kind of sad, u know
since we're only in 8th grade
 hahahahaha, im not dead.
Just busy.
School has been alot of work lately.
I have like, two speechs due this monday.
&on top of that, I have to try to have a social life too
Thank goodness for days off!
I'm going to Miami for a few hours with my friend and her dad
Then hes taking us to the metro station concert
22 August 2007 @ 04:33 pm
I seriously hate school at the moment. I just started today too.
It just sucks. I'm not in any of two of my best friend's classes (Jordan&Lena) and only have one  class with another one of my best friend, Jaliz.
First hour, I only like have one friend in that class, the teacher hates me, and theres wayy too many little seventh graders.
Second is kinda fun, the teacher is cool and hes the first one i ever heard that said Ho XD
Third...um, yeah, hate it. Only know like a few people, its fill with snotty rich preppy bitch people, and one of my ex best friends. And everyone freakin laughed at me cuz i got spain and mexico confuse
Fourth...gosh hate the teacher and everyone except for a like one person in that class. And its gonna like be the hardest class ever. and i know noone in my lunch except for like one or two people
Fifth was better. We already got like a ton of homework, but I know alot of the people in the class. It might be one of my favorite ones
Sixth is math, so already is ehhhh. But its not that bad; i know someone people, the teacher doesnt seem to strict, but my ex-friend just so happen to also have the class @_@
&seventh...my friend described the class perfectly- she wanted to shoot herself in the face. The teacher is just blahhhhh, and its science. And the fact that she smiled at me freaked me out just a bit too.

lol this whole blog has been about complaining. I wish I had somethign more interesting to talk about.
&u might have notice im not a big poster over on here. Im not on here too often, since i'd rather be on myspace. But im gonna try to post more

i also got tagged, but dont feel like doing it at the moment
Current Music: dont know; some song on my friend's myspace